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New Blackstone Items announced

I’m pleased to say we have a list of items expected during 2014. Please contact us for full details and expected deliveries. K28 Locomotives B310400-S #470 Royal Gorge Herald, Sound B310401-S #473 Flying Grande Herald, Sound B310402-S #475 Moffat Tunnel Herald, Sound B310403-S #476 Flying Grande Herald, Sound B310404-S #478 Flying Grande Herald, Sound K36 Locomotives B310300-S #481 Moffat Tunnel Herald, Sound B310301-S #483 Flying Grande Herald, Sound B310302-S #485 Royal Gorge Herald, Sound B310303-S #486 Flying Grande Herald, Sound B310304-S #489 Flying Grande Herald, Sound Flat Cars B340312, No. 6001, D&RGW Lettering B340313, No. 6040, D&RGW Lettering B340314, No. 6056, D&RGW Lettering B340315, No. 6077, D&RGW Lettering B340316, No. 0616, RGS Lettering B340305, Painted, Unlettered Gondola Cars B340562, No. 805, Moffat Tunnel Herald B340563, No. 821, Flying Grande Herald B340564, No. 830, Flying Grande Herald B340565, No. 858, Flying Grande Herald B340566, No. 878, Royal Gorge Route Herald B340567, No. 890, Flying Grande Herald Please contact us for your Blackstone HOn3 requirements will get my attention Ted Smale SCC Ltd