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We have just received some new items from Soundtraxx.

Soundtraxx showed the new Soundcar Decoders at the NMRA convention in Cleveland, I was very impressed the decoder which has the following features

4 light functions with 100ma output
Audio Amplifier with 1 watt output using  8 ohm load
Advanced and Intelligent Consisting
20 + Sound effects
User Adjustable and Automatic Sound Features
Multiple airhorns and bells
14 functions
Directional Lighting
2 pin plug for optional Current Keeper.

These decoders are designed to be fitted into Freight Cars, Passenger Cars and Caboose(s) they will provide the following sounds among others
Clickety-Clack, flat spots, flange squeal, generators, coupler (buffer) clank, glad hand release, brake squeal, emergency stop valve, hand brake tie down and release, retainer bleed off, brake cylinders and more.

The intelligent consisting allows the decoder(s) to be easily consisted with the locomotive so that the sounds are in time with the train.

Part No. 827100  Tsunami Soundcar Digital Sound Decoder                          £30.00 each
Part No. 829110  Tsunami Soundcar  Digital Sound Decoder (3 pack)           £80.00 each
Part No. 810140 Current Keeper                                                                       £18.00 each

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